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  • 1 Ngày
    Loại: Wave 110
    Bikes: Yamaha Jupiter, Yamaha Sirius, Yamaha Taurus, Honda Wave RSX, Honda Wave S... Cho thuê xe máy Cho thuê xe máy Đà nẵng, Saigon, Hà nội...
    90.000 dong
    Motorcycle Rental
  • 1 Ngày
    Loại: Honda Ari blade
    Honda  Automatic Bike for rent Oneway motorbike rental Motorbike for rent Motorbike tour Easy rider
    120.000 dong
    Motorcycle Rental
  • 1 Ngày
    Loại: PCX 125cc
    Cho thuê xe PCX phượt Đà nẵng, Hội an, Huế Oneway motorbike rental Motorbike for rent
    150.000 dong
    Motorcycle Rental
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  • 1 month
    Loại: Honda airblade
    Honda airblade is the best automatic bike for sale at Da nang city. The latest model from 2017-2018-2019-2020 from 999usd/bike with 03 month warranty services.with installment from 1 -2 years contract. You can sale it back to The Motorbike Station before leaving Da nang city or Viet Nam.
    999 Usd
  • 01 month
    Loại: Manual bike
    Honda win 110cc - 200usd - No warranty Honda win 110cc - 250usd - 01 month warranty Honda win 110cc - 300usd - 03 month warranty
    250 Usd
  • 1 month
    Loại: Exciter 150cc
    Yamaha Exciter 150cc or Honda Winner 150cc  -  Latest model from 2017-2018-2019-2020
    999 Usd