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Electric motorbike for rent without international motorbike license

  • Thời gian: 1 day
  • Loại: 50cc

8 Reasons you should Rent your motorbike from The Motorbike Station while visiting or living in Vietnam

(Whether you are are a first time visitor or an experienced traveler

and whether you need a short- or long-term rental)

Reason 1. We have a large fleet of motorbikes, including electric models for which you

don’t need a license to drive in Vietnam.

Reason 2. We speak English and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to

pick up or drop off your motorbike (except for a few official Vietnamese holidays, such

as Tet (Lunar New Year)). We will also deliver or collect your motorbike in any major

city in Vietnam.

Reason 3. If your motorbike is damaged in an accident, we do not charge you for any

repairs. Your mistakes are on us. Unlike other shops, we will not charge you – end of

story. We’ll repair your motorbike and give you a loaner to ride in the meantime. No

extra charge – ever!

Reason 4. All maintenance is on us: oil change, tire care, lights, and any other part of

maintenance you can think of.

Reason 5. When you rent an electric scooter from us, you never have to worry about

recharging the battery. If your hotel does not have a power plug available for you, then

just drop by for a battery swap – 7 days a week.

Reason 6. Need to pick up your motorbike in Danang and drop it off in another city in

Vietnam? No problem. You can drop off your motorbike in any major city in Vietnam, for

an extra charge.

Reason 7. When you rent from us, you get a helmet, a phone holder, a luggage rack or

box, or even a child seat, if requested – all included in the rental price.

Reason 8. We have a spotless reputation – locally and online. Check out hundreds of

our reviews on Google. Or ask around about us in Danang ????

If you have questions or would like to rent a motorbike, just contact us now:

Whatsapp: +84922771171

Email: themotorbikestation@gmail.com

Website: themotorbikestation.com

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